Function Information

This section has details on all the different functions built into the top menu of NZGrapher. Click on each heading below to expand out that section.


Note: you can open the inbuilt datasets by using the drop-down in the top right of NZGrapher.

Open File

This allows you to open a file from your computer. File must be a csv.

Import from Clipboard

This allows you to import a table you have copied from Google Sheets, Word or Excel.

Note: it doesn't allow copying from Google Docs, as the tables come through with an unusual format.

Sometimes for large tables this can take some time to process... just be patient.

If you are having an issue importing from the clipboard it's important to make sure you've allowed access to the clipboard. For more on this see instructions here.

Paste Table (Legacy)

This allows you to paste a table you have copied from Google Sheets, Word or Excel.

Only use this if the import clipboard doesn't work, as is slower and doesn't allow for as much data to be imported.

Note: Pasting a table from Google Docs doesn't work properly.

Open Link

This allows you to paste a link to a csv that is available on the internet.

You can publish Google Spreadsheets as a csv (File -> Publish to Web -> Sheet and CSV -> Publish), so this can be quite handy.

When you do this, the link to the page that NZGrapher goes to can be shared with students... eg:

Select Data Table

This highlights the data table, if you want to copy it into a doc somewhere.

Download Data

This downloads the data as a csv.

Save Current State for Reset

This saves the current state of the data for when you press the reset button. Useful for if you are adding extra columns / filtering and then wanting to sample and reset.


This resets the data to it's original state from before you made any changes to it (sampling or editing etc.)


Add Row

Adds a blank row at the end

Delete Last Row

Removes the last row from the data table

Delete Specific Row

Brings up a popup asking which row number you want to delete. The number is the number from the id column on the left.


Add Column

Adds a blank column at the end

Delete Last Column

Removes the last column from the data table

Delete Specific Column

Brings up a popup asking which column you want to delete.

Sample and More


Allows you to do either simple random samples, or stratified random samples.

This is also useful if you want to remove a particular section of the data... for example in the kiwi data set if you just wanted to look at GS and NiBr, you would set these to 163 and 275 respectively, and leave all the others blank and press sample.


Sorts the data table by a particular variable. This doesn't affect displays.

Reorder Variable

Allows you to prepend text (add to the start of) to a variable.

For example if you had a variable with values "N", "A", "M" and "E" and you wanted them to display in this order, you would put 1, 2, 3, 4 next to these respectively, and then it would graph in that order.

Create New Variable (From 2 Variables)

Allows you to add, subtract, multiply or divide two variables.

Create New Variable (Linear Function)

Allows you to create a new variable with an equation of y = m*x + c where x is one of the columns in the existing data set.

Create New Variable (From Condition)

Allows you to create "Low" or "High" variables. Conditions can be <, ≤, =, ≥, and >.

Create New Variable (Re-Group)

Allows you to regroup variables, for example if a variable has 5 groups, you can assign each group to a master group, so you have less overall groups.

Filter Data

Allows you to filter out numerical data, for example, only look at kiwis that weigh over 2kg.

Add Graphable Index Column

Adds a column to the left with the index number so this can be used when graphing.

Convert Time Column

Takes standard date / time fields and converts them to Seconds, Minutes, Hours or Days for graphing in scatter graphs or dot plots.

Encode Time Column

Encodes standard date / time fields into formats for use with the NZGrapher time series modules (eg: 2000M01)

Teaching Tools

Save Changes

Updates any manual changes you have made to the dataset to the graph and selection boxes at the bottom of the page.

Note: this doesn't permanently change the dataset saved on the server, it only saves changes while you are on the page.


Video Tutorials

Takes you to this page

Graph Information

Takes you to this page

Function Information

Takes you to the page you are currently looking at

Dataset Information

Takes you to this page

Show Welcome

Displays the welcome splash screen

Show Overlay

Shows an overlay with some basic information about NZGrapher and the different sections.

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