MathsNZ is the teacher focused size of this group of websites. Here you will find lots of free resources to help you in your teaching, including online tools, booklets that you can print off, and various other different resources and ideas. See here for a full list of the different resources.
MathsNZ Students is a place for students to go to get free online lessons and related questions... more resources are being added regularly but you should really check it out as there are lots of really good resources on there.
NZGrapher is a free graphing tool that can run on any device, without an install. NZGrapher was developed to run on anything with a browser, computers, iPads, ChromeBooks, Microsoft Surface, Android, even iPhones. More info here.
MathsNZ Question Generator is a free tool to generate an endless stream of maths questions... new question types are being added regularly, so if you have a good idea please let me know.
MathsNZ Secure is a place for teachers to share assessments... to join you have to be a current teacher and share a resource you have created..
MathsNZ Facebook Page is a place where I put stuff of a regular basis... some of it is probably more interesting than others!.
Shared Datasets
Shared Datasets is a shared resource where anyone can upload datasets to share them with everyone. The idea behind this is to help advance statistics education by reducing the time it takes for teachers to find good data for their students..
I get up to a whole lot of other things... everything from photography to tweet walls and more.... you can check out everything I do here.

About me: I am a Maths teacher at a large school in New Zealand. This site has been set up in my own time to support maths teachers in NZ. The aim of the site is to provide resources and guides for teachers and students. Almost all of these resources are provided free of charge... but donations are gladly accepted. You can also check us out on facebook to keep up to date with any new features or resources.

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